#3 – Magefesa Sabal Tea Kettle

#3 - Magefesa Sabal Tea Kettle

Magefesa Sabal Tea Kettle

The Magefesa Sabal tea kettle comes in a candy red color for its durable glossed stainless steel body. It has a capacity of 2 quarts that can be easily filled by removing its stainless steel lid. The kettle comes with an aluminum encapsulated bottom which makes sure there is all round even heating of the kettle that culminates with a melodic whistle when your tea has boiled.

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Magefesa has first risen to become a household name when it comes to not only producing the best tea kettles but a wide range of kitchenware as well. Their ‘MAGnetic colors’ add a stunning dash of life into the kitchen that has become synonymous with their high quality wares. Below are some of the best Magefesa tea kettles you should consider buying.

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